Story about me

Story about me

Story about me

Story about me

Story about me

For the first 38 years of my life all I wanted was to be rich and famous.  For me, “making it” would have meant I’d have several millions of dollars in my bank account and my picture on the cover of Fortune.  But at the same time I had these dreams, I was generally depressed and very unhappy most of the time; I could not get relationships to work.

I took the est training in 1975, which totally shifted my focus from personal material success to making a difference in the world — to assisting others to have a better life.  For several years I either worked full time on the est staff or assisted as a seminar leader and training supervisor.  I was making my contribution to the world by supporting the est organization, which seemed to be making more of a difference in people’s lives than anything else I knew about.   (Unfortunately, although the est training changed my perspective on life and made me feel less a victim, none of my specific problems were eliminated)

First I changed my life

Several years after leaving est (in 1985) I created the first of The Lefkoe Method (TLM) processes, the Lefkoe Belief Process.  Because I didn’t fully  understand how it worked and how to use it effectively on myself, it took many years before I was able to eliminate enough beliefs and conditionings to rid myself of my depression, unhappiness, and relationships difficulties.

But eventually I did.  Once my life really started to work and I fully understood how to effectively use the various processes that comprise TLM, I was able to focus  totally on making available to the world the same processes that had saved my life.

Obviously I need to earn money to pay my personal bills and the expenses of my company (including salaries, the cost of creating new programs, and Internet expenses), but my primary focus (sometimes my wife Shelly says, my “sole focus”) is on making TLM available to as many people as possible.  I am committed to improving the quality of life on this planet.

What we offer without charge

In order to eliminate enough beliefs to get rid of a specific pattern, you might need to purchase our Natural Confidence program, or have private phone or Skype sessions, but I’ve created a free online interactive program that enables people to eliminate 3-4 of the most common and damaging negative beliefs.

Although you need to take the Lefkoe Method Training (LMT) -1 and 2 to learn all the details and subtleties for finding all the relevant the beliefs that cause specific problems and eliminating them, I’ve provided without charge the actual steps of the Lefkoe Belief Process, video demo sessions, and a number of blog posts explaining how to find and eliminate beliefs.


Although you might choose to have private sessions where you

get help in deconditioning the triggers that cause emotional eating, I’ve written a Kindle book, The Secret To Ending Emotional Eating For Good, (available at for 99 cents) that explains the real source of emotional eating and that describes in detail a process (the Lefkoe Behavioral Deconditioning Process) that deconditions the triggers that cause most emotional eating.


Although you can register for our Lefkoe Freedom

Course where you will learn how to make automatic a process to dissolve the meaning you give moment-to-moment events (a new course one is starting next week), I’ve written at least 10 blog posts and created several instructional videos that explain how to dissolve meaning. You can get started on dissolving meaning making use only of the free material.

In other words, we have blog posts, interactive online processes, Q&A webinars, and video tutorials that provide significant free assistance in making fundamental improvements in your life.  And if you want even more assistance, we have paid material starting at as little as $79.

In addition to all this, I answer as many of the comments and questions on my blog and emails sent directly to me as I possibly can.  And, finally, several times a week I spend 5-10 minutes on the phone with someone who is having difficulty using our free material so I can show them how to use it more effectively.

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